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About Sikkim University

Nestled in the  graphic   geographies of the Northeastern Indian state of Sikkim, Sikkim Manipal University( SMU) stands as a  lamp of advanced education. Established in 1995, SMU is a public-private  cooperation between the Government of Sikkim and the Manipal Education and Medical Group( MEMG). Over the times, it has earned a character for its quality education, different course immolations, and commitment to pupil development. 


With a lot that offers a  mix of  ultramodern  structure and serene natural beauty, SMU provides an ideal  terrain for  literacy and growth.   Sikkim Manipal University is  devoted to fostering academic excellence and  invention. The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across  various disciplines, including engineering,  operation, medical  lores, humanities, and social  lores. The institution is  famed for its emphasis on practical  literacy, assiduity exposure, and  exploration  openings,  icing that  scholars are well- prepared for their  unborn careers. The faculty at SMU comprises  educated  preceptors and assistance professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge and  moxie to the classroom.  


The university’s commitment to holistic education extends beyond academics. SMU places a strong emphasis on  adulterous conditioning, encouraging  scholars to engage in sports, artistic events, and community service. This approach helps in the overall development of  scholars, making them well- rounded  individuals ready to take on the challenges of the  ultramodern world. The lot is equipped with state- of- the- art  installations, including libraries, laboratories, sports complexes, and  caravansaries ,  furnishing  scholars with a comfortable and conducive  terrain for their educational  trip.

Sikkim Manipal : Courses, Fees, and Duration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
INR 50,000 per semester
2 years
Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc IT)
INR 40,000 per semester
2 years
Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
INR 30,000 per semester
3 years
Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (BA)
INR 25,000 per semester
3 years
Master of Arts in Sociology (MA)
INR 35,000 per semester
2 years

Benefits of Choosing Sikkim Manipal:

Sikkim Manipal approved By:

Sikkim Manipal University is  honoured and approved by  colourful statutory bodies in India,  icing that its programs meet high  norms of quality and rigour. The university is    honoured by the University  subventions Commission( UGC) SMU is  comprehended in the list of universities maintained by the UGC, which is a  corroboration to its adherence to quality  norms in advanced instruction.  Approved by the All India Council for Technical Education( AICTE) The specialised programs offered by SMU are approved by AICTE,  icing that they meet the  needful specialised instruction  norms.  Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation( NBA) Several programs at SMU have  entered NBA  delegation,  pressing their  distinction in specialised instruction.  Combined with the Medical Council of India( MCI) The medical programs at SMU are  honoured by the MCI,  icing that they meet the  strict conditions for medical instruction in India. 

Who Can Apply?

SMU welcomes  operations from  scholars across India and everywhere. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the course and  position of study. Then a general overview   Undergraduate Programs  aspirants must have completed their 10 2 instruction from an honored association with the  needed subjects and  minimal chance  prescribed for each program. For engineering courses, a valid  grievance in  admittance examinations like JEE Main is  frequently  needed.  Postgraduate Programs  aspirants must hold a bachelorette’s  place in the applicable field from an honoured university with the  prescribed minimum chance. For MBA and other  operation programs,  grudges from examinations like CAT, MAT, or SMAT( Sikkim Manipal Admission Test) are considered.  Medical Programs Admission to medical programs requires  aspirants to have completed 10 2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, along with a valid  grievance in  admittance examinations like NEET.  

Courses Offered by Sikkim Manipal

Undergraduate Programs:

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Postgraduate Programs:

Master of Technology (M.Tech)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of Science (M.Sc) in Medical Biotechnology

Sikkim Manipal admission process:

The admission process at Sikkim Manipal University is streamlined and pupil- friendly. Then a step- by- step  companion    operation  shape Interested  campaigners must  charge out the online  operation  shape accessible on the SMU website. The  shape requires  particular details,  intellectual qualifications, and  liberty of course.   admittance  test Depending on the course,  campaigners might need to appear for  admittance examinations like JEE Main, NEET, CAT, MAT, or the university’s own SMAT.  Merit List Grounded on the  admittance  test  grudges and  intellectual  interpretation, a  value list is prepared. Shortlisted  campaigners are called for  further  hoops,  similar to interviews or group  conversations.  Comforting and Seat Allotment For certain courses, a comforting session is held where  campaigners are  distributed commands grounded on their rank and preference.  Document Verification and Fee Payment Once the seat is  distributed,  campaigners must  corroborate their documents and pay the admission  figure to confirm their registration. 

Sikkim Manipal Exam Pattern:

The examination pattern at SMU varies depending on the course and  position of study. Then’s a general overview   Undergraduate Programs The  valuation  generally includes a combination of mid-semester examinations, end- semester examinations,  ultra practical examinations, and  nonstop  valuation through assignments and  systems. The end- semester examinations bear the most weightage.  Postgraduate Programs The evaluation includes  penned examinations,  design work,  donations, and thesis  subordination( for certain courses).  nonstop  valuation through quizzes, assignments, and participation in class conditioning also forms a  portion of the evaluation.  Medical Programs Assessment is conducted through  penned examinations,  ultra practical examinations, clinical duties, and internal duties. Regular practicals and clinical  reels are  pivotal  factors of the evaluation process.

Sikkim Manipal Placement Pattern:

Sikkim Manipal University has a robust placement cell that actively works to connect students with leading companies and organisations. The university’s strong industry links ensure that students have access to excellent placement opportunities. Some of the prominent placement partners include: