Online MBA in Hospitality Management

The goal of this curriculum is to provide students the skills necessary to be successful in a variety of hospitality-related fields, such as food service, event organizing, hotel management, and tourism. Students get a thorough grasp of issues unique to the hotel sector, including customer service, operations, marketing, and revenue management, through a blend of fundamental business courses and specialist hospitality management curriculum.

Students may easily manage their studies with their personal and professional obligations thanks to the program’s online style, which provides flexibility and convenience. Students may participate in interactive courses, group projects, and real-world case studies that equip them for leadership roles in the hospitality industry. They can do this with the help of knowledgeable teachers and cutting-edge learning technology.

Online MBA in Hospitality Management: Overview

Key Highlights of Online MBA in Hospitality Management

Post Graduation
2 years
Graduation or Diploma. In some cases work experience is needed and in some cases work experience is not needed.
Direct/ Merit-based/ Entrance exam-based
Online classes and Learning Management System (LMS)
5 - 20 Lakhs
9 - 15 LPA
Goibibo,Ernst & Young, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, TravelGuru, Air Asia, Yatra, OYO, Makemytrip.
Food & Beverage Manager, Finance Manager, Restaurant Manager
Alliance University, Amity University, Chandigarh University, NIMS University

Why Choose an Online MBA In Hospitality Management?

Ranged Educational Atmosphere:

1. Students from a range of backgrounds, industries, and cultures come together in virtual classrooms for online MBA programs, which provide a varied learning environment. Due to the opportunity for students to engage with classmates from across the globe and be exposed to a variety of viewpoints and ideas, diversity enhances the learning environment. 

2. Online MBA programs place a strong emphasis on collaborative learning, encouraging students to work in groups on projects, have conversations, and complete case studies that mimic actual business situations.

Independent Knowledge Acquisition:

1. Allowing students to study at their own speed is one of the biggest advantages of online MBA programs. With round-the-clock access to lectures and course materials, students may study whenever it suits them best—on the weekends, early in the morning, or late at night.

2. With the flexibility to revisit lectures and materials whenever necessary, this self-paced learning strategy helps students make sure they get the subject and can use it in their jobs.

Professional Expansion:

1. By equipping students with cutting-edge business knowledge and abilities, an online MBA may dramatically improve their chances of landing a good job. Students may network with experts from a variety of sectors and backgrounds in addition to receiving a strong foundation in subjects like marketing, management, and finance. 

2. Students’ chances of advancing in their careers are further enhanced by the abundance of online MBA schools that include career services and resources, such as help finding employment and access to alumni networks.

Who is Eligible to Choose the Online MBA In Hospitality Management?

Duration of Online MBA in in Hospitality Management

Highly Regarded Universities that Provide Online MBA Program

Online MBA Average Course Fees
Alliance University
INR 6,25,000
Amity University
INR 3,40,000
Chandigarh University
INR 1,80,000
Kanpur Institute of Technology
INR 80,000
Bharati Vidyapeeth University
INR 2,25,000
Prestige Institute of Management & Research
INR 1,19,500

Topics Covered in Online MBA Hospitality Management Course

Principles of Practices and Management
Hospitality Law
Event Management
Marketing Management
Food Science and Dietetics Management
Hospitality Marketing and Sales
Personality Management
Management Institute System
Communication Skills
Tourism Issues & Strategies
Organizational Behavior
Event Management Concept and Analysis
Food and Beverages Management
Workshop on Executive Communication
Accommodation Management
Industrial Exposure Training
Project Work

Skills Needed for Online MBA In Hospitality Management

Competencies in Corporate Management: 

. Advanced Scheduling

. Accounting and financial management

. Management of operations

Expertise of the Leisure Sector:

. Management of hotels and resorts

. Management of food and beverages

. Organizing events

Cognitive and Reasoning Abilities: 

. Interpreting and analyzing data

. Solving problems and making decisions 

. Trend analysis and forecasting

Interaction and Conversational Abilities:

. Good communication both in writing and speech

. Skills in negotiating

. Resolving conflicts

Tech Proficiency: 

. Proficiency in hotel management software

. Knowledge of new technology in the hospitality sector

. Tools and methods for data analytics

Recommended Books for Online MBA Hospitality Management

Book Title
Author Name
Hospitality Management Accounting
Martin G. Jagels
Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry
Clayton W. Barrows, Tom Powers, and Dennis Reynolds
Hospitality Financial Management
Agnes L. DeFranco and Thomas W. Lattin
Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases
Cathy A. Enz
Hospitality Marketing Management
David Bowie and Francis Buttle
Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry
David K. Hayes, Allisha Miller, and Jack D. Ninemeier
Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Law
Karen Morris, Norman Cournoyer, and Anthony Marshall
Hospitality Law: Managing Legal Issues in the Hospitality Industry
Stephen C. Barth
Managing Front Office Operations
Michael L. Kasavana and Richard M. Brooks
Hotel Front Office Management
James A. Bardi

Application Procedure For The Online MBA In Hotel Management Program

Applications typically need to submit several documents, such as official transcripts of education, evidence of prior work experience in the hospitality sector (if applicable), letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose detailing the applicant’s career objectives and reasons for pursuing an MBA, and results from standardized tests like the GMAT or GRE (though some schools may exempt seasoned professionals from this requirement).

Following submission and analysis of the first application, individuals on the short list may be contacted for further tests or personal interviews to determine their program fit. The requirements for admission to an online MBA program may differ based on the specific university providing the program, but typically, applicants must have a high academic record, a bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited university, and relevant job experience.

Educational Expenses for an online MBA in Hotel Management

In India, the total cost of the academic program for an online MBA in hospitality management often ranges from INR 5 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs or more. These costs may change depending on the school’s standing, the length of the program, the curriculum, the faculty’s experience, and any extra services offered.


More expensive tuition may apply to prestigious schools or programs that provide abundant resources, well-known instructors, and extra services like career counseling. Additionally, because certified programs are recognized in the business and offer quality assurance, their costs may be higher.

Is Enrolling in this Online MBA Program Worthwhile?

The value of earning an online MBA in hospitality management in India will depend on a number of variables, including your desired career path, your present skill set, your financial status, and the particular school you are thinking about enrolling in.

Job Opportunities for Online MBA in Hospitality Management

Beverage and Food Management: Skilled personnel are needed to supervise food and beverage operations, such as menu development, inventory control, and upholding quality standards, in restaurants, catering businesses, and food service facilities.


Hotel Management: Graduates can oversee visitor services, recreational amenities, and overall guest satisfaction in jobs offered by resorts and leisure destinations.


Business: Graduates who possess an entrepreneurial spirit can launch businesses in restaurants, boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, or other niche markets in the hospitality industry.


Corporate Hospitality: Businesses across a range of sectors frequently need experts to handle corporate hospitality tasks, such as planning events, handling visitor interactions, and offering VIP services.

Hotel Management: Candidates can work in a variety of departments within hotels, resorts, or hospitality chains in positions like department head, deputy manager, hotel manager, or operations manager.


Hospitality Consulting: Graduates with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of hospitality administration can find employment as consultants, offering guidance to lodging, dining, and tourist establishments on how to enhance their day-to-day operations, clientele, and bottom line.


Event Management: To plan and carry out events like gatherings, marriages, trade shows, and corporate meetings, event planning and management businesses frequently look for someone with experience in hospitality management.


Tourism Management: Students can look into positions handling and marketing tourist destinations, creating tour packages, and improving visitor experiences with tourism boards, travel agencies, or tour operators.

Leading Employers for Online MBA Hospitality Management Programs

Prominent hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton, fast food chains like McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza, and consulting firms like Ernst & Young and Deloitte are among the companies that hire recent graduates with an MBA in hospitality management in India. MBA expertise is also highly sought after by travel and tourist firms such as MakeMyTrip and Cox & Kings, luxury brands like The Oberoi Group, and event management companies like Wizcraft. In addition, there are positions available in the startup ecosystem of India, with businesses like OYO Rooms and Zomato hiring MBA grads, as well as in the corporate sector with organizations like Tata Group and Infosys.

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