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About IIM Ahmedabad

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad( IIM- A) stands as a  lamp of  distinction in the  demesne of  operation instruction, not  precisely in India but across the  sphere. Established in 1961, IIM- A is the alternate IIM to be set up after IIM Calcutta. The association was  innovated with the  cooperative  sweatshops of the Government of India, the Government of Gujarat, and the Indian assiduity, with significant  benefactions from  famed names  similar as Vikram Sarabhai, Kasturbhai Lalbhai, and RajiV. 


Matthai. Over the times, IIM Ahmedabad has  erected a  redoubtable character,  constantly ranking as the premier business  academy in India and among the top  operation  seminaries worldwide.  The lot, aimed by the  fabulous American  mastermind Louis Kahn, is a  mix of  ultramodern armature and traditional Indian  rudiments,  furnishing an inspiring  terrain for  literacy and  particular  excrescency. Spread over 102 acres, the IIM Ahmedabad lot boasts  country- of- the- art  installations,  involving world- class classrooms, a  complete archive, high- tech computer labs, comfortable  caravansaries , and  expansive derisions  installations. The serene surroundings of the lot  produce an ideal  contexture for intellectual  hobbies and  particular  evolution.  


IIM Ahmedabad’s  charge is to educate leaders of enterprises, and its  unreality extends to  incubating high- performing professionals capable of making a significant  jolt on society. The association’s pedagogy is  embedded  in the case study  system, which encourages  scholars to  fascinate deeply with real- world business  scripts, enhancing their  logical,  resolution-  timber, and leadership chops. With a strong emphasis on  exploration and  invention, IIM Ahmedabad continuously evolves its class to stay ahead of global trends and assiduity demands. 

IIM Ahmedabad : Courses, Fees, and Duration

Advanced Data Analytics for Management (ADAM)
INR 1,25,000
6 months
Advanced Business Analytics Programme
INR 3,50,000
9 months
ePGP (ePost Graduate Programmed in Management)
INR 20,00,000
2 years
Executive Programme in Advanced Business Analytics (EPABA)
INR 4,50,000
1 year
Executive Programme in Management (ePGPx)
INR 20,00,000
2 years

Benefits of Choosing IIM Ahmedabad:

Choosing IIM Ahmedabad for your  operation instruction comes with a  mass of advantages that can  fashion your career and  particular  evolution in profound ways

IIM Ahmedabad approved By:

IIM Ahmedabad is approved and accredited by several esteemed bodies, ensuring that the institute adheres to the highest standards of education and professional practice. Key approvals and accreditations include:

Who Can Apply?

IIM Ahmedabad offers a range of programs  feeding to  nonidentical stages of a professional’s career. The eligibility criteria vary based on the program, but in general, the following  campaigners can apply  Post-Graduate Program( PGP)  campaigners must have a bachelorette’s  place with at least 50  jokes or original CGPA. They should also have a valid CAT( Common or Garden Admission Test)  grievance.  Post-Graduate Program in Food and Agribusiness Management( PGP- FABM)  analogous to the PGP,  campaigners need a bachelorette’s  place with at least 50  jokes.  still, the  place should be in  husbandry or related fields. A valid CAT  grievance is also  needed.   Post Graduate Programme in Management for  directors( PGPX) This program is aimed for mid-career professionals.  campaigners must have a bachelorette’s  place and a minimum of 4 times of full- time work experience. A valid GMAT/ GRE  grievance is  needed.   Fellow Programme in Management( FPM)  campaigners should have a  winner’s  place or original with at least 55  jokes. Alternately, a professional qualification like CA, ICWA, or CS with at least 50  jokes can also be considered. A valid CAT GMAT/ GRE/ GATE/ UGC- JRF  grievance is  demanded. 

Courses Offered by IIM Ahmedabad

Undergraduate Programs:

IIM Ahmedabad does not offer traditional undergraduate programs. However, it provides unique opportunities for undergraduate students through collaborative programs and initiatives such as the Five-Year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) in partnership with other institutions.

Postgraduate Programs:

Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGP):

Post-Graduate Programme in Food and Agribusiness Management (PGP-FABM):

Post Graduate Programme in Management for Executives (PGPX):

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM):

IIM Ahmedabad admission process:

The admission process at IIM Ahmedabad is  largely competitive and involves  multitudinous stages    admittance  test  campaigners must appear for applicable  admittance examinations  similar as CAT( for PGP and PGP- FABM), GMAT/ GRE( for PGPX), or CAT/ GMAT/ GRE/ GATE/ UGC- JRF( for FPM).   Shortlisting Grounded on the  admittance  test  grudges,  campaigners are shortlisted for  further evaluation.  Procurators  similar to intellectual  interpretation, work experience, and diversity are also considered during this stage.    penned Capability Test( WAT) and  particular Interview( PI) Shortlisted  campaigners  suffer a Written Capability Test and  particular Interview. These stages charge the  seeker’s  message chops,  overcritical thinking, and  felicity for the program.   Final  election The final  election is grounded on a  compound  grievance that includes  admittance  test  grudges, WAT & PI  interpretation,  intellectual  story, work experience, and other criteria applicable to the  special program. 

IIM Ahmedabad Exam Pattern:

The  test pattern for the Common or garden Admission Test( CAT), which is the primary  admittance  test for  utmost programs at IIM Ahmedabad, is as follows   Sections The CAT  test comprises three sections –  vocabulary Capability and Reading Appreciation( VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical  logic( DILR), and Quantitative Capability( QA).  Duration The  grand duration of the  test is 180  twinkles, with 60  twinkles  distributed to each section.  Question  manners The  test includes both  multitudinous-  liberty questions( MCQs) andnon-MCQs(  charge- in- the- empty type questions).  Marking Scheme Each accurate  rejoinder is rewarded 3  jokes, while each wrong  rejoinder( for MCQs) attracts a penalty of 1 mark. There’s no  inhospitable marking for non-MCQs. 

IIM Ahmedabad Placement Pattern:

IIM Ahmedabad has an exemplary placement record, with graduates securing roles in prestigious companies across various sectors. Some of the prominent placement partners include: