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About IIM Kolkata

Indian Institute of Management Kolkata( IIM Kolkata), established in 1961, stands as the first  public association forPost-Graduate  inquiries and  exploration in  operation by the Government of India. Renowned for its  distinction in  operation instruction, IIM Kolkata has  constantly upheld its  heritage as a premier business  academy. Nestled in the vibrant  megacity of Kolkata, the lot eras over 135 acres,  furnishing a serene yet intellectually stimulating  terrain. With  country- of- the- art  installations, a  largely  staid faculty, and a different pupil body, IIM Kolkata fosters a holistic  literacy experience.   


The institution’s  devotion to  intellectual rigour and  invention is apparent in its  expansive  exploration affair and robust class, which is  constantly  streamlined to meet the evolving  requirements of the business world. Over the years, IIM Kolkata has established itself as a  lamp of  distinction, attracting the stylish brains from across the  sphere. Its  charge is to  nourish leaders who aren’t only  complete in their  separate fields but also  seasoned with a strong ethical foundation and a global  standpoint.   


IIM Kolkata’s global recognition is reflected in its  colourful  transnational  commissions and corporations. The association is accredited by AACSB( Association to Advance Collegiate  Seminaries of Business) and AMBA( Association of MBAs), placing it among the elite business  seminaries worldwide.  Likewise, its  hookups with leading universities and institutions worldwide  grease a rich  trade of ideas and  nurture a global outlook among  scholars and faculty  likewise. 

IIM Kolkata : Courses, Fees, and Duration

Advanced Programme in Strategic Management (APSM)
INR 2,50,000 to INR 3,00,000
6 months
Advanced Programme in FinTech and Financial Blockchain (APFFB)
INR 2,50,000 to INR 3,00,000
6 months
Advanced Programme in Supply Chain Management and Analytics (APSCMA)
INR 2,50,000 to INR 3,00,000
6 months
Advanced Programme in Digital Transformation for Leaders (APDTL)
INR 2,50,000 to INR 3,00,000
6 months
Executive Programme in Business and Corporate Laws (EPBCL)
INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,00,000
6 months

Benefits of Choosing IIM Kolkata:

Choosing IIM Kolkata offers diverse advantages that set it  piecemeal from other business  seminaries.  originally, its  heritage of over six decades has  erected a robust network of alumni who are leaders in  colourful  diligence. This  expansive network provides current  scholars with inestimable mentorship  openings, assiduity  perceptivity, and a competitive  bite in the job  request. The alumni network’s energy is  further amplified by the association’s regular engagement conditioning,  involving webinars, guest lectures, and networking events.   Secondly, IIM Kolkata’s class is aimed to  nurture  overcritical thinking,  invention, and leadership chops. The courses are strictly  drafted to  mix theoretical knowledge with  ultra practical  operation,  icing that  scholars are well- prepared to attack real- world business  expostulations. The association’s emphasis on case  inquiries, live  systems, and  externships provides  scholars with  grasp- on experience, enhancing their case-  working  capacities and strategic thinking.    Also, IIM Kolkata’s different pupil body enriches the  literacy experience. The  blend of  scholars from  colourful  intellectual  grounds,  societies, and professional  guests  fosters a dynamic and inclusive  literacy  terrain. This diversity not only broadens  scholars’ perspectives but also prepares them to thrive in global business settings.  Also, the association’s vibrant lot life, with  multitudinous  rods, associations, and events, ensures a well- rounded  evolution for  scholars.

IIM Kolkata approved By:

IIM Kolkata’s standing as a top-  league business  academy is  championed by several prestigious  commissions and recognitions. The association is accredited by AACSB and AMBA, which are among the most  recognized global  commissions for business  seminaries. These  commissions  avouch the association’s  devotion to maintaining high  norms in instruction, faculty,  exploration, and pupil  issues. They also enhance the association’s credibility and recognition on a transnational platform.   The association is also a member of the Global Alliance in Management Education( CEMS), an elite  institute of business  seminaries and  transnational companies. This class provides  scholars with  special  openings for global exposure,  involving  transnational  externships and the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management( MIM) program.  Likewise, IIM Kolkata’s  harmonious ranking among the top business  seminaries in India and Asia is a  corroboration to its  intellectual  distinction and assiduity applicability. 

Who Can Apply?

IIM Kolkata welcomes  operations from different  intellectual  grounds,  handed they meet the association’s  strict eligibility criteria. For the Post Graduate Program in Management( PGP),  campaigners must hold a bachelorette’s  place with at least 50  marks or an original CGPA.  campaigners in the final time of their bachelorette’s  place are also eligible to apply,  handed they meet the  needful criteria upon completion of their  place.   For the Administrative MBA( PGPEX),  aspirants must have a bachelorette’s  place along with a minimum of five times of professional experience. This program is  acclimatised for mid-career professionals aiming to enhance their  directorial chops and leadership capabilities.  Also,  campaigners for the Fellow Program in Management( FPM) should  retain a  winner’s  place or a professional qualification like CA, ICWA, or CS, with at least 55% marks. 

Courses Offered by IIM Kolkata

Undergraduate Programs:

IIM Kolkata primarily offers postgraduate programs. However, it collaborates with other prestigious institutions to provide undergraduate-level exposure through integrated programs.

Postgraduate Programs:

Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP)

Post Graduate Program for Executives (PGPEX)

Fellow Program in Management (FPM)

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics (PGPBA)

IIM Kolkata admission process:

The admission process at IIM Kolkata is  largely competitive, aimed to identify the most  encouraging  campaigners.   For the PGP   CAT  test, campaigners must appear for the Common Admission Test( CAT) conducted by the IIMs. The CAT  grievance is an overcritical  element of the  election process.  Shortlisting Grounded on CAT  grudges,  campaigners are shortlisted for the coming  loop, which includes Written Capability Test( WAT) and  particular Interview( PI).  Final  election The final  election is grounded on a  compound  grievance, which includes CAT  grievance, WAT & PI  interpretation,  intellectual  ground, and work experience.  For PGPEX   GMAT/ GRE  grievance  campaigners must blink their GMAT or GRE  grudges.   Operation Review  operations are  examined based on  intellectual qualifications, professional experience, GMAT/ GRE  grievance, and a Statement of Purpose(  bribe).  Interview Shortlisted  campaigners are asked for a  particular interview.  For FPM    admittance  test  campaigners must appear for CAT/ GMAT/ GRE UGC- NET, depending on the area of specialisation.  Interview Shortlisted  campaigners are asked for an exploration offer  donation and  particular interview.

IIM Kolkata Exam Pattern:

The  test patterns for the  colourful programs at IIM Kolkata are aimed to  exhaustively  estimate the  seeker’s aptitude and  felicity for  operation  inquiries.   CAT  test( For PGP)   Sections Quantitative Capability( QA), Verbal Capability and Reading Appreciation( VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical  logic( DILR)  Duration 3 hours( 1 hour per section)  Question Type  multitudinous  liberty Questions( MCQs) andnon-MCQs  GMAT/ GRE( For PGPEX)   Sections Analytical Authoring Assessment, Integrated  logic, Quantitative, and Verbal( GMAT)  vocabulary  logic, Quantitative  logic, and Analytical Authoring( GRE)  Duration 3.5 hours( GMAT)/3.75 hours( GRE)

IIM Kolkata Placement Pattern:

IIM Kolkata has a stellar placement record, with a multitude of top-tier companies participating in the recruitment process each year. The institute’s placement cell works diligently to ensure a seamless placement process, providing students with numerous opportunities to launch their careers in prestigious organisations.