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  • What is EduGrad, and what is its role in the education landscape?

    EduGrad is a platform that serves as a bridge between students in India and universities offering online graduation degree programs. We recommend accredited universities and facilitate the connection between students and these institutions.

  • How does EduGrad work?

    EduGrad assists students in finding suitable online graduation degree programs in India by recommending universities that offer them. We help students explore their options and connect with universities that match their academic goals.

  • Are the universities recommended by EduGrad accredited and recognized?

    Yes, all universities recommended by EduGrad are NAAC A+ accredited and UGC-approved and authorised by relevant authorities in India. They offer legitimate and reputable online graduation programs.

  • Who is eligible to use EduGrad's services?

    EduGrad's services are open to all students in India who are interested in pursuing an online graduation degree. There may be specific eligibility criteria set by the universities themselves, which will be outlined during the application process.

  • Is there a fee for using EduGrad's platform and services?

    EduGrad's platform and services are free for students. There are no charges for accessing our recommendations and connecting with universities.

  • How can I apply for an online graduation program through EduGrad?

    To apply, visit our website, browse the recommended programs and universities, and follow the application process provided by the university of your choice. EduGrad facilitates the application process but does not handle admissions directly.

  • Does EduGrad offer scholarships or financial aid options for students?

    EduGrad does not provide scholarships or financial aid directly. However, some of the universities we recommend may offer financial assistance programs. You can inquire about these options with the respective universities.

  • Can I seek guidance and support during the application process through EduGrad?

    Yes, EduGrad provides support by offering information and guidance on the application process. However, for specific queries or assistance related to a particular university or program, we recommend reaching out to the university's admissions department.

  • How can I stay updated with EduGrad's latest university recommendations and news?

    To stay informed about our latest recommendations and news, you can subscribe and regularly check our social media handle and website.

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